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Duckie's Diet Support Group

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20th April 2005

la_sabre11:21pm: Breakfast stuff
Hey, what can I do with breakfast cereal besides eat it with milk or eat it dry?

The only thing I can think of is putting yogurt in it which I can't do because I'm vegetarian and the yogurt on campus has gelatin in it.

I don't want to eat it with milk because it leaves this nasty taste in my mouth that stays even after I brush my teeth. It also makes me feel a little phlegm-y... >_
Current Mood: curious

11th April 2005

digitalduckie9:49pm: Summer Activities
What with just over half a quarter till summer break left for myself... I got to thinking...

Who would be up for picnics once a week and walking each weekend as a group? I figured we could walk Hershey park or something and then on the picnic weeks, eat after our walk?

I invisioned a potluck sandwhich picnic of sorts. :)

If anyone is interested, I'm more than happy to discuss possibilities.

As for my health... still stuck around 160 lbs but I admit I havn't been exercising. My meals have been slipping a bit as well though I'm still very set on not eating when I'm not hungry or eating much when it's too late at night (usually a box of raisins will do :)). My sodas are still spaced out fairly... in fact, further apart than usual. No cravings really either. I havn't had to say "no sodas today" as often :)
Current Mood: busy

10th March 2005

wilykid10:19pm: I did pretty good today, had 3 peices of cinamon swirl bread for breakfast/lunch (since I got up at 11:30) pretzels for my afternoon snack, one lean pocket for dinner and a scoop of fat free chocolate vanilla swirl frozen yogart. I got my excercise by grocery shoping with mom, it's the first time I've excerted myself since I was in the hospital, let me tell you I feel like crap. One good thing came from being in the hospital I lost five pounds, but then again what do you expect when you aren't aloud to eat anything for five days?
Current Mood: crappy

9th March 2005

digitalduckie7:13pm: Scale
I've been weighing myself here and there and I think it's safe to say I weigh 163 lbs on average.

However, it's sad to say that it's not really dropping. Not that I don't know why :p

I've let myself slip a bit with what I eat however I've still gone strong on my soda temperance.

Anyways, anyone know anywhere I can find some good exercises to do while I'm in my room? I plan on looking up the school gym and seeing what it has to offer.
Current Mood: busy
wilykid5:57pm: hopping on the bandwagon
Ok so after the hospital visit, and the fact that I now have no gal-bladder to help me digest those supper fatty foods I have no choice but to change my eating style -_- There is nothing better than a support group to help you diet. ^_^ So here I am >:)
Current Mood: determined

17th February 2005

krazapona1:55am: Good Choices
Jodi, Lyndsey, and I biked 17 miles today.
I ate pasta and a salad for dinner.
I had a turkey sammich a little while later.
I've been drinking mainly water and juice.

And I feel really good!!!
Current Mood: sore

16th February 2005

digitalduckie11:36pm: Wow...
I got me a scale tonight since I was able to find one I could afford.

164 lbs. O_o Last I remember at the dr's office I was around 170 - 178 lbs. Crazy but good :) That's about 10 whole pounds in about 3 - 4 months.

Got me some carrots that I've been craving as well as a few bananas and some cheerios as opossed to applejacks *eyes the applejacks in the store*

Anyone got any tips for eating well in college when you can't cook food for yourself?
Current Mood: hungry

6th February 2005

krazapona3:38am: Oops!
Breakfast on Saturday: Cheetoes and a stick of gum.

Lunch: Uhh, Cheetoes.

Dinner: Cheetoes, red grapes, 8 mini chocolate donuts, a bottle of water.

I did get some exercise on Friday night though. We played flashlight hide and seek till 2 AM.
Current Mood: grumpy
digitalduckie1:01am: Meals
Pork roast, baked potato with butter sour cream and cheese, corn on the cob, romaine lettuce salad with ranch carrots and cheese, and a peach/apple pie with iced tea to drink as well as some milk. (Yea, I ate kind of late so I was hungry)

Sandwhich on wheat bread with ham, lettuce and mayo and honey mustard. Doritos on the side with a fruit punch to drink.

Chocolate pudding cup.

Walking again- 20 min

Am I really getting enough activity in for how much I eat? O_o
Current Mood: hungry

4th February 2005

digitalduckie8:54pm: Meals
Sandwhich on wheat bread, mayo on one side, ham, lettuce, and provolone cheese with a few fries and a salad with carrots, cheese, and ranch dressing. Tea to drink.

Taco with rice, salsa, sour cream with green beans and what I'm guessing was angel food cake or some such. Tea to drink.

Another sandwhich on wheat bread with mayo, honey mustard, lettuce, ham, cheeder, and mozerella with a bag of ruffles and lemonade to drink.

Bowl of easy mac.

Hotdog with mustard, chili and cheese, a bag of fritos and a dr pepper to celebrate Bean's birthday. lol

I suspect with only two meals today and seeing as they were small I'll end up snacking later. Probably a bowl of raisin bran.

Walk to the microwave in the lounge and back as well as to the subshop and back- 25 min. total
Current Mood: excited

2nd February 2005

krazapona10:51pm: Good Choice
Earlier, I wanted to eat something sweet, so I reached for a candy bar, then said to myself, "This is not healthy!" so I got some yogurt instead. That and Jodi (my roommate) and I have decided to exercise every Saturday. We run, walk, or ride our bikes every other Saturday, and then all the other Saturdays we do crunches and streach and all that stuff. ^.^ I've decided it's time to tone what I have, because my legs are already starting to look good from all the walking and biking to class that I've been doing. I've also been drinking more milk... of course I drink it while eating Oreos, but... what can you do? And, I'm eating less beef, because it's bad for your colon, and it makes your sweat smell more. I eat mainly tuna now, and sometimes chicken. I actually feel much better, and I have more energy. (I have to start watching my cholesterol and my blood pressure and all that good stuff).
Current Mood: good
digitalduckie10:39pm: Meals
Bowl of cheerios with 2% milk (ok, milk will always be 2% for me :p )

Cheese enchilada, beef tamale, rice, refried beans, iced tea with art. sweetner.

Wow. Has that really been it? I want some more ice tea but I can only get sweetened right now and it's too cold to go out that far anyways :(

Walk to the bookstore, dinner and back: 30 min total
Between buses- 20 min total

Still nothing much but I'm pondering making a couple of laps around Turner using the stairs. I'm sure the guards will be kind of confused seeing me come back every 5 minutes without having passed them up going the other way lol
Current Mood: cold

1st February 2005

digitalduckie11:59pm: Meals
Bowl of frosted flakes with 2% milk.

Pepperoni pizza slice, romaine salad with carrots, cheese and ranch dressing, and french fries. Ice tea to drink.

Chik fil a sandwhich and dr. pepper to drink.

Ok so today was a botch day and unfortunately it happens to be my first post here :p

I did manage a walk around campus carrying my school supplies thinking I was going to head to the bookstore before class... Unfortunately I have no clue how far this walk was but it lasted about 20 minutes.

Another 10 minutes for walking to the bus and back before and after my second class.

It's a start.

31st January 2005

digitalduckie8:01pm: Welcome!
Welcome to Duckie's Diet Support Group!

This community was created when I realized that I do best when I've got a buddy to help cheer me on and keep me going. I know there are many many support groups out there especially for this subject, but I felt we'd all enjoy one more if it included our closest friends.

I'd like to have little goodies for everyone who accomplishes a major goal.

Feel free to post your meals, weight, amount of exercise, opinions on related subjects, as well as experiences. Everything is different for everyone, so if we manage to cover a wide variety, it could help give ideas for others to try.

Please keep everything constructive here.

Sorry, but no one will be admitted unless they are a friend of a member. The subjects discussed may become personal.
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